Monday, March 29, 2010

Frontline Documentary: "The Quake" airing tomorrow night

We received an email from Reggie, a production Assistant for Rain Media, in response to Troy's post about President Clinton's plea to help Haiti toward self sufficiency rather than continuing the cycle of abuse and dependence.  Reggie wanted us to know that PBS will broadcast a Frontline documentary on the current situation (and some history) in Haiti tomorrow night at 9pm Eastern (check your local listings in other time zones).

Please check it out.  Set your DVR.  Tell your friends.  Post it on your blog.  You can watch a preview here and feel free to use the poster image above.

Here's most of Reggie's email, which includes a summary as well as some other links:

"I wanted to make sure you knew about the upcoming PBS FRONTLINE documentary about Haiti called “The Quake” airing Tuesday, March 30th at 9 pm Eastern.

"The Quake" is a thoughtful, exhaustive exploration of the unnaturally deadly disaster and spiraling humanitarian crisis that threatens to confound the largest global relief effort in modern memory. It features an exclusive interview with Clinton among others where he states:

"The Haitians have been abused by outsiders, neglected by outsiders, helped, but in a paternalistic, ineffective way by outsiders. They've engaged in self-abuse. They've had all kinds of problems. And they wanted finally to seize control of their own destiny."

Paul Farmer, the UN Dep. Special Envoy, "This is an opportunity to rethink how aid works and how we, the most powerful country in this part of the world, can work with our oldest neighbor. So I think all that possibility is built into this tragedy."

You can get a sneak preview of “The Quake” at where you will find embeddable videos and more information. Follow the films producers at "

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