Huntsville/Decatur Haiti Food Drive FAQ

What's the extent of the damage?
Even official estimates from different agencies do not agree.  Death toll estimates range from 100,000 to 200,000 and up. Meanwhile, it appears that approximately 1.5 million have been left homeless.   It will be a while before anyone knows how many died from complications or infections related to quake injuries or the full extent of the destruction.  The country is still largely in chaos, though US and foreign government and aide agencies are working feverishly to restore order and provide some kind of help.

Who's running this drive?
We're a network of committed individuals and organizations in Tennessee Valley partnered with the Chadasha Foundation based in Knoxville, TN.  This group was already working on projects in Haiti (including the Jimani Project, which has recently become know as Bon Samaritan Hospital) when the earthquake hit.  Multiple companies at Hudson Alpha and other local businesses are represented, local physicians, and leaders and members from multiple church denominations.  We are currently pursuing not-for-profit status (501c3), and in the meantime we're partnered with Trinity UMC to handle monetary donations.

Who's being helped?
We are partnered with excellent people and organizations delivering direct help on the ground in Haiti.  The Knoxville, TN-based Chadasha Foundation has a facility in Jimani, DR that has been transformed into a surgical hospital in the wake of the earthquake.  This site is helping with many of the worst injuries and is being supported by food and medical equipment as well as technology donated by Alabama businesses.  With Chadasha we are also supporting a "forward area" clinic in Port-au-Prince (PaP).  The PaP Clinic is bringing desperately needed out-patient medical care much closer to the disaster site and is being supported by food, medical equipment, and medical personnel from both Huntsville/Decatur and Knoxville, TN.  Lastly, Brian Lloyd of Knoxville-based Harvest Field Ministries is responsible for a large population of children and the elderly through Harvest Field's orphanages, most of which were destroyed in the earthquake.  All of these sites are also being supported through water purification technology and training provided through our partnership with the outstanding SIFAT (Servants in Faith and Technology).

Can I still donate food?
Yes! We are working with organizations on the ground in Haiti that have the ability to secure and distribute these resources, and they desperately need our help.

What food items are needed?
The best items are dry non-perishables, and we are focused on rice, beans, and powdered milk.  We are not accepting canned food at this time.  If you have a large quantity (1/2 pallet or more) of a dry non-perishable that's not on this list, please email haitifooddrive@gmail.com or call 256-513-9433

What else is needed?
People are without shelter, so we are also accepting plastic tarps, rolls of plastic sheeting, nylon line (for making a tarp into a tent), and lightweight folding cots.  We will also accept over-the-counter medications and first aid supplies.

Where can I bring my donation?
HudsonAlpha Institute
6900 Moquin Drive
Huntsville, AL, 35806

Trinity United Methodist Church
607 Airport Road SW
Huntsville, AL 35802

UMC Disaster Warehouse (see note below)
2342 Breckenridge
Decatur, AL 35603

In Decatur, please email haitifooddrive@gmail.com or call 256-642-1759 for directions to our friends at the Decatur disaster warehouse and to schedule a drop-off.  For some reason, the address listed above results in incorrect directions online and from most GPS units.

What hours can I drop off?
10am - 4pm Daily (for the Disaster warehouse please call 256-642-1759 during business hours and make an appointment with Ray)

Can I donate clothing?
We are not accepting clothing donations at this time, though we anticipate that need in the coming months.  Stay tuned to our blog haitifooddrive.blogspot.com .

Can I donate money?
Yes!  Make checks payable to our partner Trinity Methodist Church (attn: Haiti Relief) and send or drop off at Trinity United Methodist, 607 Airport Road SW, Huntsville, AL 35802.  100% of these donations will go to Haiti relief.

How much of my donation will go to Haiti relief?
100% of donations to Trinity's Haiti Relief Fund will go to Haiti Relief.

I have a piece of equipment/technology I want to donate, or I'm a doctor/nurse and want to volunteer.
Please email haitifooddrive@gmail.com or call 256-513-9433

I want to go to Haiti and help.
We are helping to coordinate medical personnel only at this point, but stay tuned to the blog for future and local volunteer opportunities.

I want to help out locally, can I volunteer here in Alabama?
Absolutely.  We need drivers to transport food and supply donations from donor sites and drop-off points to the Disaster Warehouse in Decatur.  We also need help at the warehouse sorting, cataloging and prepping donations for transport to Haiti.  Stay tuned to the blog for future needs, and in the meantime head over to this page to register and get on our volunteer list.

How can I keep track of progress?
We're at haitifooddrive.blogspot.com and the Chadasha foundation based in Knoxville, TN also has a blog at haitireliefblog@blogspot.com.

Other Questions.
Please email haitifooddrive@gmail.com or call 256-513-9433